Friday, December 04, 2009

News - Sarikei (Episode 4) on Astro AEC, 20th Dec 9pm

Sarikei (episode 4)
What were they filming next to Rajang Hotel?

Find out on 20th Dec.
Source: Desmond Chen

Astro AEC (Channel 301), a 24-hour Mandarin info-entertainment channel, has created a stir in Sarawak and Sabah with their local production of the series called 家在马来西亚-沙巴与砂拉越华人故事 (Malaysia My Home - Story of Sabah & Sarawak). Episode 1 on Kuching had already aired to rave reviews.

Sarikei (episode 4)
What's so interesting about sleepy Wharf Road?

Find out on 20th Dec.
Source: Desmond Chen

Sarikei (episode 4) poster
Mr Yii Yuk Seng struck a pose with black peppercorns

Can you imagine a whole episode dedicated to Sarikei on its history, heritage and culture (although mainly from a Chinese angle to cater to the Chinese channel's audience) ? If the great trailer is a precursor of more goodies to come, you better cancel your other plans for 20th Dec 2009, 9-10pm.

From the trailer, you can see the smart use of background music interlaced with great cinematography, nostalgic scenes, local interviews and the use of dialects to instill pride in one's own heritage.

Sarikei (episode 4)
Filming in a shophouse
Source: Desmond Chen

What is meant by cinematography? When you watch the upcoming episodes, observe how they filmed the drying of mee suah noodles from the angle of a drying pole almost as if the pole is looking at the mee suah vendor.

Sarikei (episode 4)
Filming in the corridor of an Iban longhouse

My favourite part of the trailer is the grandpa who said proudly in Foochow, "I live in Sarawak!" Didn't that tug at your Sarawakian pride?


Sim Y said...

Wow! Waiting to see the Sarikei episode.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Wow! OOOOO la la....can't wait to see all the episodes.

I also hope to get the DVDs and hope some one will do it...because I want to send them overseas to relatives.

nelson said...

i cant watch!

Anonymous said...

sarikei is a nice place..try 2 learn it....

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