Saturday, December 19, 2009

News - Sarikei (Episode 4) on Astro AEC, 20th Dec 9pm . Part 3

And now for the print promotion in United Daily News. Below is the English translation for those who do not read Mandarin.

United Daily News, 17 Dec 2009, Page B7
Headline: Pineapple town - Sarikei

Submitted by Desmond Chen

(Sarikei, 16 Dec) - Though there's only one Malaysia but there's East Malaysia and West Malaysia. In line with the PM's 1Malaysia concept, Astro AEC will broadcast from 29 Nov 2009 a series full of local flavour called "Home in Malaysia". Every Sunday at 9pm, the series will cover local culture, how people live and the century old history of the Chinese migration from Southern China. Hopefully the series will bridge the East and West Malaysia to develop better understanding, unity and harmony.

The series was filmed by Astro AEC in July 2009 in Kuching, Bau, Bintawa, Sarikei and Sri Aman. The 4th episode on "Pineapple Town - Sarikei" will air on 20th December at 9pm. The episode will cover Mr Chen and pepper farming, Mr Liu and pepper processing, Wen siblings and pineapple planting, interview with Chinese Chamber of Commerce chairman (Mr Wong), Mr Liu on mee suah noodle making, Old Place traditional barber and Chinese-Iban inter marriage (from a Cantonese, Mr Chen, on tens of years of life in a long house after marriage).

After 20th Dec, the series will cover the development of "The New Fuzhou". This is a rare local series. Don't miss the opportunity to watch!

Barber - this old trade will not give up with the flow of time. "Old Place" barber shop will appear in the episode as one of the topics.

In the current open society, Chinese and Iban inter marriage is very common. But after the Chinese and Iban inter marriage, those able to live in an Iban longhouse for tens of years are believed to be only a handful. Mr Chen made it and more interestingly, he was the former vice leader of the long house for many years.

Pepper prices has slipped into the abyss and everyone has given up on pepper farming. In Sarikei, a youth, Mr Chen, believed this is the best investment time. He had selected a piece of rural land that normal pepper farmers will not choose and a undeveloped slope for pepper farming. From the labour and investment angle, it's believed that no one is willing to choose this type of land contour to develop pepper farming in a big way. But Mr Chen believes he has to find opportunity in times of crisis. New rural hill is the best and the only choice for survival in this situation. What long term vision is that? Don't miss the episode at 9pm.

Mee suah is one of Sarikei' special products. If you come to Pineapple Town and ask around for top quality mee suah, everyone will point to Mile 1 of Repok Road and tell you, "End of Hua Tai Road. That's the best." Want to listen to the explanation of mee suah master, Mr Lau? Don't miss Astro AEC's 9pm show on 20th Dec 2009.

This show should be recorded for showing at the Sarikei visitor centre. Tune in tomorrow night!


Nelson said...

sarikei visitor centre? the old library? The local government should act fast to utilize all idle buildings. any plans for the old courthouse? not another row of shophouses to place it.

Anonymous said...

yalor hor.. totally waste ki if old library just let it be like tat.. huhu..should make it as a mini museum about Sarikei.. the history of Sarikei... I tin they just knw to build shop house and then someonce come and runs a another kopitiam.. u agree?
anyway.. i like ur blog about sarikei!

Daniel Yiek said...

Does anyone what happened since the announcement in the newspapers on

a) converting the former library into a vistor centre?

b) converting the water tank into a viewing tower?

Nelson said...

the show was fantastic but 1 hour was just too short.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

This is better than all the lousy type of window dressing documentaries I have seen on TV in Malaysia....

It is really about the sweat and tears of the Sarikei people...The sweat on Ms. Woon's face was so clear!!

And I love the barbers of Sarikei! They opened their hearts to the world!

towards the end of the episode ...I was shouting "more! more!"...but a good show must come to an end....sob.

Well done Sarikei!

Desmond Chen said...

It indeed a really GOOD Show...:)

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