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Festivals - Sarikei Pesta Nanas (Pineapple Festival): 7-13th Dec 2009

Sarikei Pineapple Festival 2009
Banner of activities at Civic Centre

Source: All photos from Desmond Chen

The marketing of the Pineapple Festival 2009 had begun way before the actual event with banners and media publicity. This year, the annual festival has been themed "Sarikei Moving Towards Agropolis" ("Sarikei Bergerak ke Arah Agropolis").

Sarikei Pineapple Festival 2009
Venue: Central Road - Tents galore

The venue had shifted from Wharf Road (2007) to Nyelong River Esplanade (2008) and Central Road (2009). Apparently this was to appease the shopkeepers and residents whose business and peace was disturbed from their normal equilibrium.

Besides the exhibitions, this festival also provided denizens and tourists an excuse to have fun and party like it's 1999. There were stalls that sold a gamut of products like watches, apparels, gadgets, etc.

Even parang for those warrior wannabes...

and handicrafts with tribal motifs ...

and gongs and drums for the aspiring musicians.

For MYR$35, you can have a portrait of the reflection you see in the mirror every morning .

You can buy sea shells whose former tenants had abandoned them on the Sarawak beaches and in the South China Sea.

Shrimp based products ...

An array of crackers (keropok) and traditional delights.

Quench your thirst with an assortment of all time favourites like soy bean, calamansi lime and pink bandung.

There were traditional kuih that were futile to resist. If you must waste your calories, you might as well waste them on the simple pleasures of life.

Try your green fingers with these young fruit plants ...

or these ornamental plants.

Exhibition booths for agricultural products like pepper, rubber, fruits, ...

With the widened scope of this year's festival, the Sarikei Resident, Michael Dawi, had taken over the role of the chairman of the organizing committee from the District Officer. The committee wants to promote Sarikei's agro-tourism potential, help farmers to market their products and learn new technology and encourage pineapple to be used in the daily dishes.

Cooking contest using pineapples

Fruit platter - find the huge dragon fruits

One of the feedback from visitors was that they could hardly find any pineapples. Next year's festival will be held during the pineapple harvest season in line with its name. Technology can be used to delay the ripening of pineapples to suit the time of the festival.

Lembaga Perindustrian Nanas Malaysia (LPNM) (Industrial Board of Pineapples) will operate in Sarawak this year and Sarikei can expect to play a major role to expand the growth of this industry.

There were also a fishing contest, futsol, badminton competition and a night concert with a Battle of the Bands contest.

Junction of Central Road and Repok Road

The revelers didn't let the sunset deter them and continued to party into the night. Why should they stop anyway? Why can't Sarikei have this vibrant night market (pasar malam) every night?


Kanga said...

I missed the Pineapple Festival by 2 days due to my work committments. Thank you Daniel for showing what it was like.

Daniel Yiek said...

Siaw Ah Khoon's grandson has left a comment that gave more insights at the post on him. Search for "Khoon" in the search box.

Apologies for the irregular posts during these few months due to my work and travel. It's not due to a lack of content (yet). :)

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Interesting perspective...

Sarikei has lots to offer.

Anonymous said...

i was lovely watched d singing competition.. i still remembered d guy sang sampai syurga.. i was like melted at dat tyme when he did a superb performance.. memorable.. shocked coz i didnt expected sarikei people got such a great talent.. bravo2.. it's been a pleasure 4 me when i visited sarikei.. multi-racial town, simple lifestyle & so on..

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