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History - Sarikei and Bintangor through an expat's eyes

Alastair Morrison was the husband of the famous photographer, Hedda Morrison. He was the asssitant Sarikei District Officer from 1947-48 and Binatang (now Bintangor) in 1948. His book, Fair Land Sarawak, was named after the anthem of Sarawak from 1946 (post handover) to 1973. He wrote a few pages on Sarikei and Binatang through his recollections, i.e. a colonial guy's perspective.

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Ngu Ee King was into pepper farming. He was the father of Francis Ngu who operated Hock Siong Kong 福祥康 textile shop and Southern Hotel (now sold) at No. 21 Repok Road. Ngu Ee King was the chairman of the Sarikei Basketball Association in 1956. Francis Ngu was also active in the Basketball Association in the 1970s.

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Sarikeikia said...

No 21 Repok Rd was 1st owned and operated by a prominent Foochow Wong Yek King who was a Foochow kapitan before Wong Ngie Hua. His business failed and the shop was sold to Ngu Ee King who started Hock Siong Kong 福祥康. Wong Yek King after which lead a group of Foochow to Simanggang.

Daniel Yiek said...

Mrs Ngu Ee King is now 96 years old. She's the lady shown cooking in the Hedda Morrison pic.

Click Hedda Morrison label.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Marvellous post ! I am so thrilled to know that Mrs. Ngu is still alive! I really like that particular photo by Mrs. H. M.

By the way I read somewhere the Morrisons were "China hands" too having worked in China for along time.

today China continues to beckon expats. But it is harder for expats to come and live in Sarawak (because of T and C)

Nelson said...

Nice! I love history, esp. history of sarawak which was not well taught in the school.

Where can i get this book fair land sarawak?

Daniel Yiek said...

Sarawakiana: Yes, Hedda Morrison also had lots of old pictures on China.

Nelson: You can buy online at Amazon (1993 edition) or try the Kuching bookstores and libraries.

I was not sure that in the internet age, people (esp younger folks) have patience to read thru such colonial style of journal-like story writing. People normally spend only a few mins reading a blog. More to come. It's a very interesting read about life then.

Anonymous said...

Ngu Ee King is my grandfather - who passed on before I was born. I have learnt so much about him from this post. Thanks Daniel


Anonymous said...

Hock siong Kong was a household name during 1960S. I remember, my mum used to frequent the shop for our Chinese New Year new attire.

Also the largest textile store in Sarikei during the time.

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