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News: Sarikei Kampung Baji Fire - the Aftermath. Part 2.

Sarikei Kampung Baji Fire - 15 houses gutted
1.5 hours to put out fire; 23 firemen mobilised
Source: Sin Chew Daily News, 31 Jan 2010
Submitted by: Desmond Chen

Sarikei Kampung Baji Fire
Source: The Borneo Post, 31 Jan 2010

Submitted by: Desmond Chen

Fire destroys 15 houses in Sarikei
By Anthony Aga
31 Jan 2010,
The Sunday Post, page 2

The fire, which broke out in one of the houses around 10pm, spread very fast to the surrounding houses that by the time firemen arrived, at least 10 houses had been engulfed.

Sarikei Fire and Rescue Department chief Kurung Suwen said they received a distress call at 10.09pm and dispatched a team of firemen, including himself, to the scene. To begin with, 13 firefighters worked to put out the flames, he said, but later they had to call for seven firemen from Bintangor and two from Sibu to assist.

With water from two fire hydrants, they managed to control the blaze by 11.30pm, he said, adding that had it not been for the heavy downpour in the evening, the fire could have spread much faster.

Kurung said they were still investigating the incident and it was too early to determine the cause of the fire or estimate the loss.

He said only a few of the 107 residents sustained minor injuries or burns, but all were made homeless.

Twelve houses, including one which was unoccupied, were completely destroyed while three others were partially burnt, but suffered massive losses as most of their belongings, especially the electrical items, were damaged by water.

Meanwhile, Tanjung Manis Member of Parliament Datuk Norah Tun Rahman visited the victims at the scene yesterday morning and presented cash relief to all the affected families.

On other assistance, Norah said she would look into ways to help the residents rebuild their homes.

One of the options she had in her mind was to help them apply for funds under the hardcore poor housing scheme and said she would discuss the matter with the District Officer Abang Mohd Porkan Abang Budiman, who also accompanied her on the visit. Norah said she hoped the victims’ applications would be looked into urgently as their houses could be built on the same site. All the fire victims, who took shelter in the nearby community hall


Other photos of the the aftermath are available at the source below. Century Road is the road leading from the big mosque to the back of Hua Tai residential area, passing by Bindang Road, where you can see mee suah noodles hanging out to dry in the corner terrace house of the mee suah maker shown on Astro AEC cable TV.

Sarikei Kampung Baji Fire - the aftermath
More pics at source:
Sharul Bee

Sarikei Kampung Baji Fire - the aftermath
More pics at source:
Sharul Bee


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