Thursday, February 11, 2010

Opinion: Top 10 things to bring back from the Sarikei CNY holidays

Sarikei Krim Soda - Made in Bintangor. 2009
Source: Nelson

If you are working outside of Sarikei, you will likely be heading home any time now or you may be already home enjoying your comfort food. So what are the things to bring back after your Sarikei trip? Here's my top 10 for this year.

1. Mee Suah noodles
2. Hay bee (dried prawns)
3. Dried "kam pua" noodles (at least close to)
4. Bek ting herbs (Eight treasures herbs for soup)
5. Red wine rees prepared by your family
6. Pineapples for your colleauges (only for countries that allow raw fruits)
7. Pepper
8. DVD on Sarikei Astro AEC episode.
9. Book on 45 years of progress in Sarikei (produced by the government). Not sure where to buy this though.
10. Memories and pictures/videos for facebook.

What are your other recommendations?


Daniel Yiek said...

Pasted Nelson's comment below.


a very complete checklist.

1. Kompia (You can reheat it using toaster)
2. Kampua & Fried noodles (Re-steam for the best quality, microwave is not as good as fire & water)
3. Kuih Tunjok
4. Ikan Salai from sarikei is famous too (apart from hay bee), you can get these from the same stall selling hay bee.

Sarikei lacks souvenirs like T-shirts with for instance sarikei or pineapple printed on them.

Sarawakiana@2 said... are truly loyal to Sarikei...

I also wish for Pak Tin from Sarikei and Hay Bee from your!

Also dried mushrooms are cheaper than any where else in Sarawak...

Happy Chinese New Year...and Happy Reunion...

I was born in Pulau Kerto Sibu and never lived in Sarikei...but have lots of cousins and uncles there.

My regards to Lau Pang Hung and family...if you happen to meet them. Take photos too of the Methodist Church.

sarikeikia said...

Lau Pang Hung? Is he not the principal of Methodist Pri Sch? 1960s - 1980s? Mrs Lau was a teacher of the school too. Their house was a stone thrown away from the old house of Kapitan Chen Ko Ming.

The Mee Suah is my choice but roosted pork from pigs like those reared in long houses is still my favorite.

Happy new year, see you all at the ex-Anthonians gathering on 16 Feb.

Daniel Yiek said...

I have delayed posting on the history of Methodist school and church because there's Chinese translation involved and I'm English educated from St Anne's School. :)

The old pics of Methodist School and Church are worth waiting for. Stay tuned. ;-)

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks would be worth waiting for...May be Madam Angela Tang could help with some translation if I may suggest.


Andrew said...

The soda, we used to called it Sibu orange (made in Sibu or made in Bintangor). Drinks like Coca Cola was a luxury during those time, luckily we had Sibu Oren.
Wow brings back memories

Anonymous said...

where got sold DVD on Sarikei Astro AEC episod??

from sarikien

Anonymous said...

Teresa Ting NH
I lived next to the old house of Kapitan Chen Ko Ming. I knew where
Lau Pang Hung's house was, just opposite the old house of the Hua Kiew School Headmaster's house.
Well, those were the days. Now, all these places had been developed and replaced with concrete houses.

Lonnie Lau said...

buy some other herbs from the chinese medical hall at town...v cheap if compared to west malaysia. owh...the dried shrimp here is super big~ like the taste a lot. where to get the sarikei on AEC DVD? im interested to get one.

cooknengr said...

Daniel ,I can translate. Send the Chinese text to me. I have some pictures of old Methodist church.

Daniel Yiek said...

Sorry for late reply due to little to no internet connectivity while in Sarikei and was too tied up catching up with friends and family.

The Sarikei DVD can be bought at East Malaysia video store besides Wen Wen Cafe (opposite Methodist School) while stocks last.

Met Angela Tan (sister of Mrs Chung) at Anthonian Alumni. Had long chat. :)

Will send the Chinese Text to you. Note that their style of writing is quite different from normal Chinese usage. Thanks!

Daniel Yiek said...

Don't forget

a) Swiftlet's bird nest

b) fish maw. The best and most expensive is from the now rarer Ikan Terusan (spelling?)

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