Thursday, March 25, 2010

History: The burning of Sarikei, 1856

Hear ye, hear from the journal of Charles Brooke

On 4 January 1856, Sarikei was burnt by Julau Dyaks. "On arriving at the village, we found half of it in ashes, having been burned down by the Dyaks. It was a pretty spot on undulating ground, surrounded by fruits trees."

"Early this year, a force started from Sarawak to erect a fort at Sarikei, 25miles from the mouth of the Rejany (sic)." "The building of the fort was a matter of only a few days" This is not surprising considering that the Sarikei fort was likely similar to other wooden forts.

Source: Ten Years In Sarawak, Charles Johnson Brooke, 1866. Page 158

After reading the page above, click the tab "History of Sarikei" just below the Sarikei Time Capsule header bar to figure out where this fits in. Doesn't it make you proud that Sarikei has such a rich history?

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sarikeikia said...

This was some of the oldest history of Sarikei, my assumption is that the Rajang town at the river mouth had more Chinese then, so as the village in Sari. I guess there wasn't any Chinese shops in Sarikei that early.

Two Hokkien families dominated trade in Rajang town in the very early days, one Lim and the other Yap. To know more just goes back to earlier reader's comment.

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