Saturday, April 24, 2010

Food - Sarikei Mega kom pia

Sarikei Wen Wen Cafe kom pia, 2009
Source: Albert Chua

Coffee shops and food stalls in Sarikei have not really jumped on the marketing bandwagon for food. Creative or good food is usually spread by word of mouth in Sarikei. You don't normally see newspaper clippings on food review pasted on the stalls to tout their fare.

Sarikei Wen Wen cafe kom pia, 2010

I was pleasantly surprised to see a newspaper clipping on the kom pia stall at Wen Wen Cafe, Repok Road, opposite Methodist School. On closer look, it's not really a food review but an innovative marketing tactic.

Sarikei Wen Wen cafe kom pia, 2010

The news article covered a kom pia eating contest named Kom Pia Appetite King. Coney Island in New York has its famous hot dog contest and Sarikei had its own kom pia eating contest in 2009. There were 20 contestants in this speed eating contest with 5 entering the second round. Talk about a need for speed!

Sarikei Wen Wen Cafe kom pia, 2009
Source: Albert Chua

You have to order this mega kom pia in advance because the stall owner has to custom order from the Nyelong River shop. The huge kom pia has a generous sprinkle of sesame seeds and can feed you for 1 week.

Sarikei Wen Wen Cafe kom pia, 2009
Source: Albert Chua

They have several sizes for you to choose from (S, M, L or XXXL) but then does size really matter?

Update: The kom pia stall has moved to Hiek Lik at 33 Repok Road


theeggyolks said...

i wonder how many people is needed to finish off the whole XXL kompia -_-"

sarikeikia said...

I think this must be the result of Tun Dr M's Malaysia Boleh effort, there was this Malaysia own Guinness record book. For example the world biggest Songkok make for Tun Dr M will certainly entitle to a slot in the record book.

On a 2nd thought I am unsure if this can be listed as a Kom pia because all Kom pia are prepared by sticking it inside the wall of the oven. Let the owner read this and prove me wrong.

Daniel Yiek said...

I got confirmation that the parents of the towkay neo, Angela Tan, were indeed


Chen said...

interesting. Hopefully i get the chance to buy one of those gigantic kompia the next time i balik kampung :)

i love love said...

the size is interesting...there are so many sumptuous meals in other favorite is korean bbq..yum yum

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