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Scenes: A house called Sarikei in India

Form 3, St Anthony's School, 1972,
L1- Mr Lopez, L2 - Mr Mathen,

Source: Clement Sia

If you were an old timer of St Anthony's School, you would remember Mr Lopez, the Indian Chemistry teacher and one of the popular teachers. Typically students of that era feared the teachers (with much respect) and kept a distance from the teachers.

Kuching waterfront, 1996,
L1- Mr Lopez, L2 - Mrs Lopez, L3 - Clement Sia,

Source: Clement Sia

But one ex-student, Clement Sia, not only kept in touch with them but also hosted them when they visited Kuching. How many of you can say that you have exchanged X'mas cards with your teachers?

Mr. Lopez and family have settled down in Hubli, Karnataka, India.

X'mas card from Mr Lopez to Clement Sia, 1996,
Source: Clement Sia

The interesting thing on this X'mas card is that Mr Lopez called his house "Sarikei". How many of you have the passion and chemistry with Sarikei to name your house after it?

 Mr Lopez's house. 2013
Source: Emilia Wong

 Mr Lopez (seated). 2013
Source: Emilia Wong


Daniel Yiek said...
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Sarawakiana@2 said...

It is so know that Mr. Lopez named his house "Sarikei". He must have loved his stay there.

Greenspot said...

Hi Daniel,

Saw Mr Mathen in one of the poster. Mr Amar Mathen was one of my teachers until Upper Six at Sacred Heart Sch, Sibu. Wonder where he is now. A classmate of mine still talked about him from time to time. We like his wisdom and honesty.


Kanga said...

Mr. Lopez also taught physics and maths (and he was both good and great in teaching these 2 subjects!). The most unforgettable bit was Mr. Lopez also taught art! (painting classes in the afternoon). Unfortunately I did not take art and painting seriously but I benefited much from his teaching of Physics with Chemistry and Maths.

chatterbox said...

Hi Daniel, I need to clarify that when Mr. and Mrs Lopez were in kuching in 1996 , he was hosted by a big group of ex Anthonian.

I only played a minor role in that big gathering. I must mention that it was the generosity of that big group of ex students of Mr Lopez who made his visit a memorial one.

Not only that, the air tickets and accommodation were all fully paid for by this group of these ex students.

Although it was my brother Francis and Vincent Sia both of whom were instrumental in organising that trip for Mr and Mrs Lopez, but it was the participation of the whole big group that made it a success. The group of people were not only from kuching , but from Sarikei , Sibu and other major towns as well.

I have a copy of group picture taken in kuching which I can share. Mr. Mrs Lopez were in Sarikei and Sibu too and were similarly well hosted by those in the respective towns.

I may have left out some details of his visit to the various town. So I think it will be good to have his interview done too to get the full picture.

I will enlist Mr Celestine to assist us to get Mr Lopez to agreed to be interviewed.

If any of the above information is incorrect , we will duly notify you

Thank You


Yan said...

Mr Lopez and family lived just next door to me in Sarikei! I remember them and other Indian teachers in my own school (Sekolah Tinggi Sarikei) as very professional, dedicated and definitely super teachers. May God bless them all wherever they are.

Thanks, Daniel, for posting Mr Lopez and family here. I walked down memory lane today - just to brief to describe and probably also too personal to share!

chatterbox said...

Mr Lopez was an all rounder. He taught me these few subjects. English in Form one. Chemistry , Physics and Civics in Form Four and Form Five.

He did the oil painting of the Three wise King, baby Jesus, Mother Mary , Joseph , the shepherds . the goats and the camels ( Christmas Crib ) that was built in front of the St Anthony's Church during Christmas

Ralph said...

Teachers like Mr.Lopez are indeed consider as National Treasure by their students.It is just too bad that now the students of St.Anthony's School,sarikei cannot be flourish under his way of teaching.Anyway,Mr.Lopez has to take care of his family too and whatever the reasons were,He is currnetly settled down in Hubli, Karnataka, India.I hope that some of his students still pray for his good fortune in life.It doesn,t matter if a person is far,far away as long as he is close in our Heart.Courtesy of Pay Per Click Services

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