Tuesday, May 04, 2010

News: Sarikei Central Road Flood

Sarikei Flood, May 2010

The skies opened on May Day and buckets of rain fell on this small community in the middle of the Borneo jungle. The most vulnerable area of downtown to flooding is Central Road. Probably the old drainage system could not cope with the volume of water.

Sarikei Flood, May 2010

Sarikei Flood, May 2010

The drains filled up in no time and overflowed. It brought along its undesirable debris.

Sarikei Flood, May 2010

The flood water was clear indicating that it was mainly due to the rain water and not the silty river water.

Sarikei Flood, May 2010

Sarikei Flood, May 2010

What is wrong with the weather? There was drought in Aug'09 and in May'10 the streets were soaked with rain.


Daniel Yiek said...

I'm tied up with work and hence the late posts. We still have a lot of content left for this capsule. Enjoy the rest of the journey. Seat belts are not required as it will be a smooth ride to the beat of tribal drums.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi floods are always sad for me and perhaps many other readers.
It says poor drainage system.
It says too much rain.
It says the land is sinking.
It says people are suffering.
But in Egypt it says fertile soils will result.
In India it says thousands of people will be homeless.
In Malaysia it says evacuation to higher land and Red Crescent will send blankets and food and exams will be affected.
Etc Etc Etc

sarikeikia said...

Aiyo, this is bad.
I believe Sibu will eventually be submerged in water, this is the consequences of over abusing what mother nature had given us. Our forest had given birth to a few rich timber tycoon but the whole Sibu community has to pay the price. If that faithful day comes God please spare Sarikei.

joven said...

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