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News: Sarikei St. Anthony's School Hall Fund Raising

Change is the only constant as a popular saying goes. For Sarikei's St. Anthony's School, she has to move with the current to accommodate the exponential growth in student population (close to 2000 students now) Unfortunately, sometimes it means tearing down what's familiar within the limited space to build bigger and taller structures.

Sarikei St. Anthony's School, 1979 back view

Sarikei St. Anthony's School, Science Block, 1979

The historic 1960 Science Block (now Block F, St Francis Block) is the only remaining structure that is kept for the memories. Even the 50-year old tree that provided shade for decades had to make way.

Sarikei St. Anthony's School, 16 Dec 2009
Source: Adrian Lu

It was uprooted in Dec 2009 to make way for the new school hall.

 Sarikei St. Anthony's School Plan. 
School hall should be between Block D, E, F

The above picture was well done but needs a minor adjustment of the hall's location. The new school hall will be between Block D, E and F.Which means the 2 cement courts for games had to go and be incorporated inside the hall. The hall can provide shade for 2500 students.

Sarikei St. Anthony's School, 18 Feb 2010

Sarikei St. Anthony's School, 5 Mar 2010
Source: Adrian Lu

I attended the SAS alumni gathering on Day 4 of CNY 2010. The school's history and plan was presented. The chairman of the fund raising committee, Frederick Wong, said he's going around Sarawak's bigger towns and KL to raise funds.

Sarikei St. Anthony's School, 15 Mar 2010
Source: Adrian Lu

I informed him that the donation form on the alumni website does not work. People simply don't know how to donate if they work outside Sarikei and how their money will end up at the right place. There are thousands of Sarikeians and SAS students (current and ex) on facebook that he can inform. He said the older batch of SAS alumni folks are not IT savvy enough to handle this.

Sarikei St. Anthony's School, 31 Mar 2010
Source: Adrian Lu

MYR$1000 or MYR$100 may be a big sum to someone working in the frontier towns of Sarawak. The bigger donation potential is outside Sarawak in the bigger West Malaysian cities and outside Malaysia. The more favourable exchange rates of other countries like USA, Canada, European countries, Australia, NZ, Taiwan and Singapore will make donations easier on the pocket. Remember folks, SAS is not a fully aided government school.

Sarikei St. Anthony's School Fund Raising Fair, Apr 2010
Source: Desmond Chen

Sarikei St. Anthony's School Fund Raising Fair, Apr 2010
Source: Desmond Chen

A fund raising fair was held in April 2010. Even Sugar Bun chipped in with a stall. It was well attended but then it raised only a few thousand ringgit. There were other fund raising activities but these can only raise so much in the local community. The people that Sarikei raised are mostly making their living in other towns and other countries because of a lack of suitable jobs locally. You can call it labour or brain drain. Can Sarikei renew and sustain itself? Does Sarikei have a future?

Sarikei St. Anthony's School, Apr 2010
Source: Adrian Lu

Sarikei St. Anthony's School, May 2010
Source: Adrian Lu

The construction had to proceed with a bank loan. St Anthony's School still lacks RM$1.3M as reported in the local newspapers. Can the donations come in for the school to redeem its loan earlier and reduce the hefty interest?

News clip: 27 April 2010
Source: Mike Yip

The fund raising committee has an official account

  • Bank:                  RHB Bank Berhad, Repok Road, Sarikei, Sarawak, Malaysia
  • Bank swift code: RHBBMYKLXXX
  • Account no:        1-11119-7300337-6
  • Account name:   SAS Fund Raising Committee

You can send a cheque or transmit fund via telegraphic transfer (T/T) through an overseas bank and an official receipt will be issued.

  • Address: SMK St. Anthony, P. O. Box 74, Repok Road, 96100 Sarikei, Sarawak, Malaysia.
  • Telephone: +6-084-651363

Any donation above RM 500.00 will have the donor’s name engraved in the copper plague on the wall of the hall. You can also be creative and band your classmates together to offer a big donation and a classroom may be named after your class. eg: "Class of 1974".

Frederick Wong, the chairman, can be contacted at
  • handphone: +6 019 8863377
  • email:

Sarikei - "I Luv SAS" logo
Source: Nie Nie

Sarikei St. Anthony's School, 16 Dec 2009.
Good bye to the tree after 50 years of service.
Source: Adrian Lu

It is not a matter whether you still love you old school or whether you have kids that will ever use the new hall. It about contributing back to what the Sarikei pioneers and the school had done for you and the society and maintaining St. Anthony's School as one of the sources for churning out talent for Sarikei.


sarikeikia said...

"If your plan is for one year plant rice. If your plan is for ten years plant trees. If your plan is for one hundred years educate children. "
— Confucius

So lets contribute!

Anonymous said...

Still can make a donation?

Daniel Yiek said...

Yes, the school still owes the bank a big loan amount.

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