Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Scenes - Sarikei Clock Tower - Feb 2010

Sarikei Clock Tower, Feb 2010

Before the Sarikei pineapple statue was constructed, this 1974 clock tower served as a landmark in Sarikei. This clock tower has to withstand the harsh tropical climate and rampant growth of black coloured mould. It's not known whether mould resistant type of paint was used. 

Sarikei Clock Tower, Feb 2010
Right: Facing Rejang River

The clock facing the Rejang River was the first to go and was replaced with a metal plate showing the district logo of the pineapple several years ago. Then scrap metal thieves struck and stole the commemorative plaque describing the clock about 2 years ago.

Sarikei Clock Tower, Feb 2010

The broken clocks had been removed in March 2010. They had become an eyesore for tourists and an embarrassment to the denizens of Sarikei. Maybe they had been replaced with new ones already (?). If not, maybe one of the many banks in Sarikei can come forward to sponsor the clocks. Time by XYZ bank.

No more ticks and no more tocks after 35 years. Time and the Rejang River tide waits for no man, not even the clocks.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't bother with mould resistant paint, they don't work in tropical climate!

Daniel Yiek said...

The 3 clocks have been replaced with new ones.

Wong Siong Hu said...

Dan, when u gonna cover Sarikei sport complex? It's just opposite my house at Jalan Muhibah. Unfortunately, it's also in a very sorry state.

David said...

Nice shots and and I remember vaguely the clock facing Rejang. Good that the clocks have been replace.. bad fenghsui to have dead clocks. :-)

Daniel Yiek said...

Siong Hu,
Pls email me pictures of the current state of the sports stadium.

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