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Scenes - Sarikei Clock Tower - June 2010

Sarikei Clock Tower, 2007

For denizens of Sarikei, not many will bat an eyelid when the clocks were not working. Not many would notice that the clocks had been removed in April/May 2010 time frame because they were always there (and often not working anyway).

Sarikei Clock Tower, 2008 Feb.

The Sarikei clock tower is the first thing that grabs the eyeballs when a tourist lands at terminal 1 of the Rejang River. It's not the pineapple statue which is more hidden along the Rejang Esplanade. A tourist on the Pandaw cruise, Ms Jan Ford, captured the sorry sight of the clock tower with the missing clocks in March in her travel blog. (Her blog's link is at Sarikeian facebook).

Sarikei Clock Tower, 2010 June
Source: Desmond Chen

Expressways leading to and from any airport are nicely landscaped because those are the first and last things that impressed upon tourists. We do have a nice terminal 1 with the naval theme on its roof and now I'm glad to announce that the new clocks have been installed.

Sarikei Clock Tower, 2010 June
Source: Desmond Chen

Only three clocks had been replaced. The fourth clock should have been installed too to replace the metal plate of the district's pineapple logo because the tower looked unbalanced. Besides the analog hands, there's a digital section inside each clock. It's a matter of taste on whether you will like the floral patterns fringing the clock. The motifs could have been more meaningful if it's ethnic in nature like some nice Iban tribal arts. After all, we are greeting worldwide eco-tourists now.

Sarikei Clock Tower, 2010 June
Source: Desmond Chen

Finally, let's wait for a fresh coat of paint. Otherwise this is like donning new clothes during a festival but wearing a pair of muddy slippers. With a new coat of paint, this clock tower will once again be the talk tock of the town.



sarikeikia said...

The face of the clocks are getting smaller, this goes against the fact that the population getting older and the pocket of the YB is getting fatter. YB, do something if you still love Sarikei.

Ah Ngao said...

Daniel,some more it's digital .
i'm Ah Ngao and my grandfather is from "Long Mun".to my knowledge,the first batch of Cantonese congregates near Ensurai River . is there any possibilities of tracing which batch my granfather came with,when he landed in Sarikei ? my grandpa name is "Wong Tien". thanks if you can give some tips.

Daniel Yiek said...

Ah Ngao,

Sorry, I dont have enough info to help you. Maybe you can talk to some elders from the Cantonese Association as a lot of old info was not recorded.

Anonymous said...

Thanks have a nice day

sarikeikia said...

Hi Che Guevara, I didn't know you are from Sarikei. If you can put your grandfather name in Chinese writing and also your dad's name also in Chinese writing than I might be able to help. What is "Long Mun", is it the county in China? Most of the Sarikei Cantonese are descendant from Xing Hui.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I love clock day I commented on Miri's several dysfunctional clock towers...and the reply is????>

"What for have clock towers...every one has people don't even have to wear watches...silly...."


I believe the people who have Big Ben know the real value of time and a good time piece created out of our historical past....

Daniel Yiek said...

Ah Ngao,
Your grandpa is from 龙门县 Longmen county under 惠州市 Huizhou prefecture.

Pls see

Pls provide your grandpa's and dad's Chinese name to Sarikei-kia..maybe he can find out more.

Janet Lee said...

Daniel Yek,

Good day, Would appreciate if you could use your networking to find out the " Sponsors name" as listed on the lost copper plate.

You are able to contact Mr. Daniel Chung, our ex-teacher/Captain Boy's Brigade, he might have some info on this matter.

Thanks again.

Janet Lee

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