Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Festival - Sarikei Ramadan Bazaar - Food Galore!

Ramadan is here again. To break fast, the Malay community has the annual month long Ramadan Bazaar from 1pm-7pm. This year, it's at Kampung Seberang, across Sarikei River.

Sarikei Ramadan Market 2008/2009
Jalan Kubu lama (the former location)
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Source: Sarikei District Council

If you are on the Pandaw cruise, ask your tour operator to detour and bring you there to experience this local culture. Don't miss the steamed Malay kueh (pastries). In the old days, cakes were steamed because there were no electric ovens.

The montage of photos above is from 2008 or 2009 and it gives you a flavour of goodies to expect. Start drooling. Expect the unexpected.


Daniel Yiek said...

This is an example of a fast blog post which took less than 30mins to search and blog vs a normal post which takes 2-4 hours.

Now your addiction for Sarikei can be satisfied, I hope.

Go and buy some Malay delicacies!

sarikeikia said...

This Ramadan Bazaar or Pesta Makanan is really a bad culture imported from West Malaysia. Ramadan is a month where Muslim have to refrain from anything exorbitant, observe the basic of being a good Muslim. Food should be taken in moderation such as taking simple porridge so that as a true Muslim one knows the suffering of the poor and weak. When I was a kid in Sarikei back then, my Muslim friends always show humbleness especially in the month of fasting.

So do not import blindly what the West Malaysian preach.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I prefer the small kinds of businesses...small stalls from shops etc...not the huge mess of tents which are too hot and unhealthy any way...creating an artificial bazaar is not really optimum practice.

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