Friday, September 03, 2010

Scenes - Sarikei Kwang Chien School - New gantry to spice it up

Sarikei Kwang Chien Primary School 2010
New gantry with words on pillars
Source: Lu Huong Chin

Here's another new development in the humble school that started in a wooden house at Wharf Road in 1927. As its name implies, this school owes its initial life line to the Sarikei leaders of Cantonese and Hokkien descent and the businessmen who started the shops at Wharf Road.

Sarikei Kwang Chien Primary School 2010
New front gate 
Source: Desmond Chen

In 1930, a new wooden building was built in Jalan Berek (Barracks Road) with 12,000 dollars (a huge sum in the old days but help came in from the community including the sales commission of black pepper contributing 1 dollar per ton). This was the school that pepper built. Spice it up!

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Daniel Yiek said...

1. What currency was used in 1930? I don't think Ringgit is correct.

2. I just finished translating the history of the 1st school in Sarikei (primary or secondary). Guess which school this is. Stay tuned for next post.

sarikeikia said...

The dollar was the currency of Sarawak from 1858 to 1953. It was subdivided into 100 cents. The dollar remained at par with the Straits dollar and its successor the Malayan dollar, the currency of Malaya and Singapore, from its introduction until both currencies were replaced by the Malaya and British Borneo dollar in 1953.

During the Japanese occupation period (1942-1945, paper money was issued in denominations ranging from 1 cent to 1000 dollars. This currency was fixed at 1 dollar = 1 Japanese yen, compared to a 1:2 pre-war rate. Following the war, the Japanese occupation currency was declared worthless and the previous issues of the Sarawak dollar regained their value relative to sterling (two shillings four pence).

Daniel Yiek said...

Thank you for the info. Have replaced the MYR (ringgit) with the dollar.

The absolute number is the one based on historical records. I wasn't sure which currency it was.

Tomorrow, the info on the first school of Sarikei will be posted. It'll be a surprise to many of you.

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