Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scenes: Sarikei Pineapple Statue - Are you still green?

Sarikei pineapple statue - 2010
Source: Lu Huong Chin

What? Another post on the Sarikei pineapple statue? You bet. Here are before and after pictures. Spot the difference. You can't? Try harder. This picture shows a half ripe pineapple with some green at the top and the colour transitioned into yellow towards the bottom.

Sarikei pineapple statue - 2010
Source: Lu Huong Chin
Find the pedestal used for the painting job.

The pineapple statue had come out of age before this year's Pesta Nanas (Pineapple Festival). Does anyone know which year was the statue built in the 1980s? There's also no plaque to explain the significance of the iconic statue to tourists.

A pedestal was used to climb to the top of this 3.6m high statue to paint it into a golden glow. The pedestal was tied with a rope around the pineapple to prevent it from toppling. It would be no fun falling onto the sharp leaves made of cement. The green fence had been painted blue.

Sarikei pineapple statue - 2010
Golden Yellow
Source: Lu Huong Chin

Do you like your pineapple half ripe or very ripe? If you had paid attention in primary school, you should know that a brighter colour reflects more light. Your eyes will receive more light and perceive the space to be bigger. This is why Sarikei looked so bright in this picture. No? Now take off your sunglasses. 


William said...

I prefer half ripe as long as there is no "smell".

Kanga said...

From my personal experience, the 'half ripe' pineapple is just nice and ripe enough. The full yellow pineapple amy be over-ripe! Years ago my mum laughed at me when I bought a full yellow pineapple and said it was over-ripe. when I cut it open...she was right!

Sim Y said...

Half ripe looks better.

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