Friday, October 08, 2010

News: Sarikei Rejang River alert - avalanche of timber debris coming

 Rejang River disaster - 8 Oct, 2010
Source: yadiputra9

Stop press. Breaking news on the internet, youtube, facebook, BBC and TV3. Apparently torrential rains had caused a landslide at a timber camp at Balleh River, a tributary of the mighty Rejang river. The timber debris reached Kapit by 1pm and Song by 7.30pm on Thursday. Now it has reached Sibu and is expected to reach Sarikei any time tonight and tomorrow. The Rejang River has been closed for safety reasons. The entire width of the river is filled with dangerous debris. It's a shameful disaster.

Watch this video and see more videos on Sarikeian facebook group.


sarikeikia said...

I knew disaster will come sooner to Sarawak, this is the price all Sarawakian have to pay for allowing a few rich tycoon to abuse our forest. The day will come when Sibu will be submerged in water, is too late. Ask KTS, WTK, Rimbunan Hijau and Taib what happen to the forest that belongs to each and every Sarawakian. Can you imagine we lost the forest to a few rich tycoon but we can't even get a bridge to cross Rajang for free.

Anonymous said...

the gov should take action against this matter... if gov cannot handle it, let other handle it...

Anonymous said...

Even BBC news reported it

Daniel Yiek said...

Bintangor, Sarikei and Tanjung Manis were saved from the natural disaster. The logs flowed into the Igan River at Sibu to the coast. See map here.

LibangLibu said...

this is sad. if we look at what is left to us now, it is sad. really.

where are our tall trees? the animals? clean unpolluted river? it is sad.

we must change. we need political will. we must change the current regime.

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