Monday, October 18, 2010

Scenes: Sarikei Welcome Gantry - Sign of the Times

Do you like "before and after" pictures? Just before the mega Pesta Nanas (Pineapple Festival) in 2010, the welcome and bon voyage gantries had been spruced up.

Sarikei Welcome Gantry - 2007

This gantry was constructed around mid 1970s (actual year?). Before the makeover, the pillars were simply metallic support. The graphics was two pineapple logos from Sarikei District Council on both sides. The font of the text was dull but you knew you were home when you passed through this gantry at the junction of Repok Road and Old Hospital Road.

Sarikei Welcome Gantry - 2010
Source: Lau Ngo Chun

After the enhancement, the pillars were wrapped with graphics like the flag of Malaysia and our tallest building, the Wisma Jubli. Real pineapple pictures were added and the text is more stylish. You will get a sense of deja vu when passing through this new gantry - welcome home, kids. Sarikei laksa (_____) is waiting. (Fill in the blank with your favourite food)

Is this new gantry a sign of the times or a sign of times to come?

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