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History - Sarikei in 1880 - "A lonely looking place"

This very old book, On the Equator, narrated a Londoner's trip to Sarawak in 1880. It's a good read and has a rare quote on how Sarikei looked like in 1880.

"Sarawak is divided into 6 districts or Residencies, each of which is under the supervision and control by a European Government Officer... These districts are (1) Sarawak proper (comprising Kuching); (2) Rejang; (3) Batang Lupar; (4) Muka (sic); (5) Bintulu; (6) Lundu." (Page 58)

Sarikei village at Rejang River 1905

"We arrived off the mouth after a pleasant run of 7 hours along the coast and entered the river Rejang which is 4 miles broad. On the right bank, stands the little village of Rejang (note: this is the current Rejang village, not Sarikei), and lying off it was a large Portuguese sailing vessel, loading bilian or iron wood. ...A great quantity of this timber is exported yearly to China direct from Rejang...the cost is merely nominal charge of a dollar per ton to the government and fetches a considerable price in the Chinese market." (Page 63)

"We anchored at sundown at Sarikei, a lonely looking place, 20 miles from the mouth, consisting of 4 or 5 tumble-down Malay houses on a mud bank." (Page 64).

Sarikei, are you lonely now?

On The Equator (1882). De Windt, Harry. Click link here


Daniel Yiek said...

From this book, you can see that the Sarawak jungles had been exploited then.

-Me- said...

like your blog :) keep it up

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