Monday, November 22, 2010

Scenes: Sarkei Pineapple Statue - Two's company

Sarikei Nam Leong pineapple statue, 2010

If you want the take the trouble to see double, fret not, because the new pineapple statue (completed in 2009) is only a short distance up Jalan Masjid Lama.

 Sarikei Nam Leong pineapple statue, 2010
Find the tiled open air area

It's done by Nam Leong, a local department store to position itself as the premier store in Sarikei. In terms of marketing, it's smart differentiation versus the slew of supermarkets that have mushroomed in Sarikei. There is even a tiled al fresco area next to the pineapple for promotions and events.

Sarikei Nam Leong pineapple statue, 2010

It's a welcome addition to the skyline of down town Sarikei. Two's company.


Nelson said...

good job by nam leong. it might be for feng shui purposes (ONG lai) but nevertheless, they managed to promote and beautify sarikei. hope that other private companies will do the same.

Bengbeng said...

amazing. as u scroll the page up and down, the pineapple seems to b animated

Sarawakiana@2 said...

The two statues are similar! Are they by the same artist?

Mind you I think statues are getting bigger and bigger in Sarawak....I wonder what other statues will be erected elsewhere....

We have very interesting seahorses in Miri...and they have been given names jokingly too.

vijay said...

very huge pineapple...
its nice to take photos at that..
hope you enjoyed a lot...

from masinagudi

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