Saturday, November 27, 2010

Scenes: Sarkei Pineapple Statues - The trinity

Sarikei pineapple statue, 2009
In front of Rejang River
Source: Duan Mosquito
Winner of previous Sarikeian Facebook photo contest

How many pineapple statues are there in Sarikei? Let's count.

1; one; satu; 一.

Sarikei pineapple statue, 2010
In front of Nam Leong Department Store

2; two; dua;

Sarikei pineapple statue, 2009
Near Civic Centre
Source: Borneo Tip

3; three; tiga; 三

1+1+1 = 3. Did you get your sums right? The trinity you may not be aware of.


Anonymous said...

Pineapple is boring. Should be pepper and rubber where either had contributed economic significance to our little beloved hometown.

Anonymous said...

i thought there are only two pineapple..only now i know there are actually 3..i missed the one in Dewan Suarah. haha Nvr notice all this while.thanx to Sarikei time capsule!!

Max said...

Pineapple is not boring, if you know the history. sarikei pineapple was know for the best pineapple in the world. thats the title

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