Friday, December 17, 2010

News: Sarikei Chinese History Book - Sneak Peek

Sarikei Chinese History book.
Front page.
By Yii Yuk Seng

Venue of book launch: 
Sarikei Chinese Community Hall, 
Meranti Road.
18 Dec 2010, Sat, 2pm

Sarikei Chinese History book.
Back Page.
By Yii Yuk Seng

The cover is muted in colours to have an aged look. The photos on the cover are in black and white to fit its theme. A rare picture of Sarikei had been unearthed above - i.e. Block 5 Right of Repok Road that was razed by fire in 2010. What other gems are between the covers?

Every Chinese family in Sarikei should have a copy. Know your roots and heritage. 1000 copies will be up for grabs at MYR$30 each. What are you waiting for?


eighat yoshi said...

any english versio of it..?

Daniel Yiek said...

Sorry, not this time because Mr Yii came from Chinese school, I believe.

Daniel Yiek said...

You may want to check out the old pictures in the book. May be worth buying just for the pictures.

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