Monday, December 20, 2010

News: Book launch on Sarikei Chinese History - The press

Sarikei Chinese History Book Launch
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Source: Sin Chew Daily News

For those who like to buy the remaining copies of the book, you can purchase from

  • a) Sarikei Cantonese Association, 1st Floor, 3 Jalan Merdeka, 96100 Sarikei. Tel:
    +6084-651594. (Payang Puri block)
  • b) Soon Huat, 順發, No 12 Wharf Road.
  • c) Chiang Chuan Association at Nyelong Road

In 1992, the Sibu Chinese History book was published.
In 1999, the Sri Aman Chinese History book was released.
In 2010, the Sarikei Chinese History book was launched. 

Several primary and secondary schools in Sarikei received a copy of this book for the students to learn about their heritage.

The rest of the articles gave a posthumous salute to Mr Yii Yuk Seng, the ex-fireman who died in the disastrous fire of Block 5 Right Repok Road this year. He also researched small towns like Pakan and Julau for this book.

To write a history book is not easy because facts of the events, time and places need to be researched and checked. If you flipped through the book, you will learn how the pioneers sacrificed self interest to set up the society and put high priority on education of the new generations for a brighter future. Can we say the same about the current generations?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing info. on the first Sarikei history book.

BurungHelang said...

Is the book available for online purchase?

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