Thursday, December 16, 2010

News: Sarikei Chinese History - Book launch on 18 Dec 2010, 2pm

Sarikei book launch in the news
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Source: Malaysian Daily News

Sarikei usually gets a mere paragraph or chapter in any book. Not any more. We will have our own kopi (coffee) table book on 18th Dec 2010.

The Sarikei Chinese Society has banded together to make the dreams of the late Mr Yii Yuk Seng 余悦胜 come true. Mr Yii was the retired fireman that suffered a heart attack while helping the other firemen with a water hydrant to fight the mega fire in Sarikei (Block 5 Right Repok Road) on 1st Oct 2010.

Sarikei Chinese Community Hall (opened on 8 Sep 2010), Meranti Road
Source: Lu Huong Chin
Venue of Sarikei book launch
18 Dec 2010, 2pm

Yii Yuk Seng was the Vice President of Sarawak Chinese Culture Association. He had been researching the history of the Chinese in Sarikei and was going to publish his book before his demise. He had been diligently going around to interview the older generations of Sarikei and collect old photos that would otherwise be buried in other families' mouldy albums.

What can you expect from this book? It's written in Chinese with ~300 pages and hopefully we'll see rare old photos and new insights in the Chinese history of Sarikei. Only 1000 copies were published and each is MYR$30. First come, first served. It's not known whether this will be sold at book stores but usually such books have a limited quantity only due to the high cost of printing.

Mr Yii Yuk Seng 余悦胜 in the poster of the Sarikei episode
Source: Astro AEC

You may remember Mr Yu from the Sarikei episode on 20th Dec 2009 of Astro AEC's series, 家在马来西亚-沙巴与砂拉越华人故事 (Malaysia My Home - Story of Sabah and Sarawak). We salute his passion and duty towards Sarikei. This book is like voices from the grave. May he rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

I am not in town. Is it possible to get a copy via mail order?

Daniel Yiek said...

I'm not sure... Maybe the only way is to buy any remaining copies from the Chinese Community Hall. Printing costs is a major issue as the printing company usually wants to take on X,000 copies for economies of scale. For this booked, I asked someone else to buy for me. I'll only get to read this when I go back for CNY but I heard there are goodies in there.

By the way, I bought the leftover copies of the 122th anniversary copy of the Cantonese Association book from the association itself.

Dominic said...

Daniel's 'Sarikei Time Capsule reputation and his local team's investigative journalism is in many ways reminces of Julian Assange's Wikileaks but minus the latter,s ill-fame and notoriety. Indeed a mamomth task over the years that requires capacious reading. Thanks to Daniel again I discovered the tragic extent of social and economic devastation on Block 5 row of shops left of Repok Road during my last trip.I shall drop into the local Chinese Community Hall and buy some copies of our precious legacy in my next trip come these months.


Daniel Yiek said...

Thanks for the kind words. A lot of readers contributed by giving comments and some silently in the background by emailing.

Any Sarikei content like pictures, info, comments, corrections, etc are very valuable for a correct interpretation of Sarikei's journey. If you want info to appear in the next Sarikei book (for fund raising for Sarikei cause(s) to be determined), email me at

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Then I will have to wait until someone I know goes back to Sarikei to get a copy for me.

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