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History: Sarikei 2010 in Review - The good, the bad and the ugly

Without further ado, can someone please press the rewind button for the mandatory top 10 countdown? Click the link in each header (if any) to refresh your memory.

10. Bustle in the night

Sarikei pasar malam, Central Road, Oct'10
Source: Desmond Chen

About 10 stalls operate at the night market at Central Road every Saturday evening.Will this be able to rival the immensely popular Sibu pasar malam in the near future or will the bustle fizzle out?

9. Sign language
Sarikei Welcome Gantry, Repok Road, Aug 2010
Source: Lau Ngo Chun

The welcome and bon voyage gantries were given a faceflift for the Pineapple Festival in August. Is this revamped gantry a sign of the times or a sign of times to come?

8. Tock of the town

Sarikei Clock Tower, Repok Road, Aug 2010
Source: Desmond Chen

Is this new coat of paint an arts display or a marketing positioning on eco-tourism? How does this relate back to Sarikei's value proposition of a historic centre of rich tribal tales and migrant stories, the biggest pepper exporter of the world, the largest swarms of swallows (then), the famed pineapples of the world and the "Food Bowl of Sarawak"? Time will tell.

7. See you in court

Sarikei Court, Jalan Bangunan Kerajaan, 2010
Source: Lu Huong Chin

The MYR$6.8M building started construction began in Sep 2008 and was officially finished in Aug 2010. For those who like to court trouble, the lawyers will see you in court there.

6. Making ends meet

Sarikei Merudu Bridge at CTC, Dec 2010
Source: Desmond Chen

To cross the Sarikei River at Merudu,  it started off with a simple wooden bridge that gave way to a "Bailey" bridge. The "Bailey" bridge is going to be replaced with a new bridge that's 70% completed now. Meanwhile please bear with the long land detour via Petalit or Jakar. Call that the "scenic drive" if it makes you feel better.

5. Size does matter

Sarikei Pineapple Festival, 2010
Source: Desmond Chen

The perfect storm resulted from the Pineapple Festival coinciding with the Sejiwa Senada exhibition (themed "Government with the People"). The biggest ever festival also oozed creativity with fun events and contests for everyone. Hail the king of fruits in Sarikei - the pineapple.

4. Dancing in the rain?

Sarikei Flooding, Central Road, May 2010
Source: Desmond Chen

The flood water in May was clear indicating that it was mainly due to the rain water and not the silty river water. There was drought in Aug'09 and in May'10 the streets were soaked with rain. What went wrong? Go figure.

3. Red alert

Sarikei Kampung Baji fire, Jan 2010
Source: Sharul Bee

Massive fire swept through 15 houses at Kampung Baji and left many homeless. I visited the site at the end of Feb and some minor rebuilding had started. 

2. Ghost writer

Sarikei Chinese History book launch, 18 Dec 2010
Source: Desmond Chen

The Sarikei Chinese History book was penned by the late Mr Yii Yuk Seng 余悦胜, the retired fireman that suffered a heart attack while helping to fight the mega fire in Sarikei (Block 5 Right Repok Road) on 1st Oct 2010. In this book, you will learn how the pioneers sacrificed self interest to set up the society and put high priority on education of the new generations. This is the best gift this year from the graves of Mr Yii and Sarikei pioneers.

1. History up in flames

Sarikei Block 5 Right Repok Road fire,  1 Oct 2010
Source: Farah Siew

Sarikei Block 5 Right Repok Road fire,  1 Oct 2010
Source: Desmond Chen

The tragedy of Block 5 Right Repok Road is a loss in terms of the physical structures, the memories and the history of this town. This block is like an old flame to everyone. You have known and loved her as part of this town. What lessons have we learned to prevent this type of fire?


There were several other events that didn't make the top 10 list:
  • Sarikei dried shrimp was named the best in Sarawak, 
  • the new yellow colour for the pineapple statue,
  • the new welcome sign at Meranti Road,
  • the Rejang River logjam that missed Sarikei at the expense of Igan River at Sibu, 
  • the new Chinese Community Hall at Meranti Road (opened 8 Sep 2010)
  • the Ramadan Bazaar, 
  • the Chinese New Year light up
  • the Christmas Parade
  • Miss Sarikei contest

What's down the (Repok) road for 2011? State elections and likely Federal elections, Sarikei General Hospital to get a specialist from Egypt, ....

I am not going to say that 2011 will be the last year for this blog because I have said that in the last 2 years and new content had popped up to instil inspiration with the help of several contributors. As of now, I have only a few months of content in my computer. Let's take it one post by one post and see how it goes.

Happy reading and contributing to this blog and the Sarikeians facebook page! Happy new year!

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