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Scenes: Sarikei Pau Waterfalls Park - The Pretty One

 Bayong, Ulu Sarikei
Source: Diham Muchtar

 Bayong, Ulu Sarikei
Source: Diham Muchtar

 You have broken your new year resolution to exercise every year and find it daunting to embark on a 45-minute to 1-hour trek to the big Pala Munsoh Falls. Fret not. There's another trail leading from Rumah Nyuka longhouse and it's only a 30-minute trek to a rewarding scene. This is one of the options offered by the Pandaw cruise to their tourists.

 Pau Waterfalls, Bayong, Ulu Sarikei
Source: Jan Ford (tourist)

The carrot at the end of the trail are two pretty waterfalls between a rock ledge. The refreshing air, the naturally decaying wood, the greenery and the gurgling sounds of water will immediately remove your daily stress from the rat race.

  Pau Waterfalls, Bayong, Ulu Sarikei
Source: Diham Muchtar

Pau Waterfalls, Bayong, Ulu Sarikei
Source: Rudy Paradise

If you are an avid photographer, photo angles are abundant. Now where do you start?

Pau Waterfalls, Bayong, Ulu Sarikei
Source: Rudy Paradise

You dip your toe into the water to test the temperature and yell (or scream) in delight. You may want to have your natural spa under the cool water or ....

 Pau Waterfalls, Bayong, Ulu Sarikei
Source: Diham Muchtar

you may want to bring out the child in you and frolic like there's no tomorrow. Priceless.



  • Drive along Sarikei-Betong pan-Borneo Highway
  • Exit Bayong junction
  • After driving a while, you will reach a T-junction. Do not go straight to Gerugu Dam but turn right to the longhouse.
  • Drive 17km on scenic paved road (with hills in the background) to reach Rumah Nyuka longhouse at Lubuk Lemba, Ulu Sarikei
There are 3 trails. Bring your hats and drinking water as the trails are not very shaded.
  1. Pala Munsoh Trail - 2 to 2.5 hrs to and fro. Ending at Pala Munsoh falls
  2. Pau Trail - 1 hr to and fro. Ending at a rock ledge between 2 small pretty falls
  3. Ruan Trail - for trekking
Be warned, the waterfalls are not easy to find without a local guide.

Tel: +6019-4687518
Address: C/O Rh. Nyuka Ak. Itam, Lubuk Lemba, Ulu Sarikei, 96100 Sarikei, Sarawak  


Sarawakiana@2 said...

This is very pretty...Sarikei is a good town for tourism and retirement villages.

sarikeikia said...

For retirement? I doubt so, too many mosquitoes. Good quality fish sold oversea. 1st class hospital 2nd class doctors 3rd class service. No airport until kingdom come. No quality shopping. Local lingo with 4 letter words added. Slow internet access. My apology to speak the truth.

Anonymous said...

You do not deserve to be named yourself as a Sarikei son because this is a site about anything good to offer regarding a country to anyone around the world who can identity themselves with a nice hometown like Sarikei. You are no longer the one when you become an adversary as you deliberately blocked yourself mentally from your childhood memory.There is nothing wrong in selling your labour overseas whatever your skills you possess and entail but there is nothing worse when you sell your soul and your identity as well and there is everything wrong when you turn around and castigate your very own birthplace.

There must be a few of you around in life arrogating oneself thinking yourselves better than the rest sarikeans just because youhave the privilege of overseas education and employment. Such western values of self-conceited and self-serving nature does bode illness for the wellbeing of a tranquil peaceful town. You remind me of some minded returnees who couldn't take off their backpack constantly parading oneself around Sarikei town refusing to take the damn thing off from their back deluding to themselves that they are better than the locals. There is a Chinese saying 'Gou Yean Kan Ren Dee' When do you stop day dreaming. Some people dream with their eyes closed when they are asleep whereas others like you still continuing dreaming with your eyes wide open.

My contrary views of Western life here; Overrun Bureaucracy with paralytic effect on any business venture. Greenies Gays and Lesbian form the forefront. They marry too and adopt infants same sex and all. Unionised layabout labour of which no doubt you are a cheerful member. Boss is disrespected. China is the place in the world to set up your industry and employment not the West. Terrible Customs and Immigration overtures outrightly underlined with racism. Youth drinks like fish and make nights not safe for retirees to wander.Monolingual. Only one language like it or not and only one language newspaper.Life must be boring here!Food is boring as well! Think of the escalating cost of living here if you think of cheap eats in Sarikei. There is just no comparison. Sarikei is a paradise. You don't get charged for GST (goods and services tax) when you eat at Sarikei anywhere!

In summer it is too hot and filled with blowflies. In winter it is too cold having frozen everywhere wherever you travel from USA to Russia. Seafood are all frozen and thawed when served on supermarket shelves. They are all pre-wrapped and mostly imported from Taiwan Vietnam and e;sewhere. But if you really want to eat fresh you pay sky rocketing price for it.Medicare and NHS are all not up to scratch with overrun bureacracy.Doctors bulk bill and seeing doctors are like seeing God...that is just too expensive unless you are on an unemployment benefit. I went to a Kuching doctor for what a Western GP couldn;t pick up' What is so great about Western doctors and nurses. Sibu new airport is coming onto line and its less than an hour away from Sarikei.Since 9-11 Western airports are over-laced with security precautions and measures.Someone says that racial profiling was used in place. Quality shopping in Sibu Farley, Sing Kwong, Sarikei Everise, Ngui Kee Kuching 4 Points Spring Centre and so on and so on. Finally, what is so wrong about speaking local lingo. Don't you have one? Slow internet access? You want to pay the earth? use wireless man!

Anonymous said...

Lastly is, I would like to thank Daniel and his research committee team for the enormous work they have achieved in preserving the history and cultural heritage of Sarikei town over the years in this website. A lot of my friends, compatriots and even my own relatives used to differ with me over the years with matters like history and historical continuity for they believe that its time to move on. But I tend to be at variance with their outlook for the old Chinese saying ‘nai lee paou’ where else do you or can you go nowadays still rings very true in these modern trouble time today. Some tend to think that there is a brighter moon at yonder and that is where we ought to follow and ought to be. But in truth there is only one moon neither brighter nor less bright It goes wherever you go and you can only rely upon yourself to make the best and most of your life . Others still believe that grass is usually greener in other pastures and not necessary theirs without realizing that there are many pre-conditions attached in most social systems. Well to be very frank with everyone I always think home is the best. Home is where the heart is. Home is really my sweet home and especially so when home is your birthplace as well. It is a place of solace of comfort and a place of consolation in times of difficulties and great crisis. It is also a place for those who made it in life to slow their pace and to retire and don't have to work anymore and ultimately, it is also a place to peacefully pass away. Home your grass root is an eternal timeless womb an embracement of Mother Nature.

(A Sarikean who is soon coming home to stay.)

Anonymous said...

I think there's no right or wrong answer on whether Sarikei people eventually come home - it boils down to many reasons including personal lifestyle and commitments in the new city or country. For those that do come home, it's another set of reasons.

Simon said...

So how does one go about finding a local guide?

Daniel Yiek said...

Great Town agency provides tours

BurungHelang said...

Hahaha. Peace.

Sarikei Seafood Bonanza said...

Hello Mr Sarikeikia . See Mr Lu nicknamed 'Ah Soong Tau'in Sarikei for good seafood that I recommend. Like every country first grade fish goes overseas.This is keeping a country's export reputation and keeping competitive edge intact. Just like our first grade rubber or pepper.Western 1st grade products like red cherries, apples orange beef and meats abalone and crayfish lobster goes into export markets. 2nd grade and third grade products only for distribution and sales in local markets and supermarkets.Seldom do you see first grade produce used in local consumption.

sarikeikia said...

Well Sarikei Seafood Bonanza, you might want to explore the wet market in KK or Sandakan and see what is more like Sarikei seafood in the 60s or 70s.

To the 1st Anon; I guess you should direct your criticism towards your grandfather for he didn't return to his dear TongSan. As for me I continue the spirit of millions of Han Chinese who continue to strive for a better tomorrow, just like what my grandfather did 103 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Millions like you might search for a better future overseas. But more than a billion or so unlike you decidedly stayed behind today in China to better themselves! End of story.

The same Anonymous said...

Reducing your absurdity to an infinity(reductio absurditum ad infinitum) it is like saying just because your grandfather did it 103 yrs ago by leaving Tongsan so should you the same urge from Malaysia today? On what basis? Abject poverty enslavery corrupted incompetent officials and warlords or just too many mosquitoes, lousy fish, no quality shopping and or local lingo?

steven said...

Chinese in China immigrate from city to city, just look at their transport during the fastive season. Majority of Sarikian are working elsewhere and would not return to stay for sure.

Why don't you ask Mahathir what does he mean that this country is Tanah Melayu before you start blasting your mouth off?

Sing Fei said...

You can introduce another element like politics into your argument. Sure. But don't singularily run down Sarikei people and their local lingo . Perhaps one day we can all go back to Sarikei and help build a 'better' future for ourselves and all generations to come.The word 'better' probably requires someone's redefinition like yourself.

steven said...

I have been following this blog and enjoying the contribution by sarikeikia in the comment that make this blog very interesting.

So don't make yourself like a loose cannon here.

諸葛亮 said...

You got hit by a repeat cross bow not a loose cannon. Maybe we need the adminstrator to determine who wins the argument here.

一個快樂的春節,一個非常進步的 2011年!

Anonymous said...

Sarikei will always be the place where the heart is.... even though we might be far away..all those childhood memory and it is this small town that help to shape me into who i am today. proud to be a sarikeian forever !

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