Saturday, February 12, 2011

Opinion: Sarikei's Ageing Population - Sarikei as a Retirement Place?

Sarikei's Ageing Population, 2011
Rejang Wharf T2

Will you retire in Sarikei? A debate is brewing in the comments section of the last post on this topic. Some existing denizens don't have a choice but if given a choice, will you hang up your job's coat and drink teh-C to watch the sunset at Rejang River? Will those working outside Sarikei beat a path to come back to their roots?

Sarikei's Ageing Population, 2011
Merdeka Food Court

It depends on your pursuit of happiness, a fundamental human endeavour. Some people are still working for their basic needs at the bottom of the pyramid of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. (click link to see picture) Some of you are already looking for self actualization. It boils down to whether Sarikei can meet your needs of your layer of the pyramid.

Sarikei does not have a lot of jobs for skilled labour and white collar workers. A lot of people that have left to earn a living elsewhere do not come back because they have a higher income, set up a family base, a social structure and got used to the lifestyle and infrastructure there. Healthcare is key for retirement as critical illnesses creep in. Do you have to fly to Kuching, KL or Singapore for treatment because Sarikei's hospital can't treat you?

 Sarikei's Ageing Population, 2011
Taxi drivers waiting for passengers
Rejang River Esplanade

On the other side of the Malaysian coin, Sarikei is a place that gives you a more relaxed pace of life, a lower cost of living, comfort food, cleaner air, good old friends and relatives and other elements that evoke happiness. Some of you laugh more when you meet friends in Sarikei compared to the more hectic pace elsewhere.

What price happiness? Is Sarikei the price of happiness. It depends on which lens you use to view your life.


Kuching Guy said...

Unless those left do very very well outside Sarikei or they might have to come back to retire too as it will be too expensive for them to retire overseas or in Singapore or KL.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

When I think of the older citizens I start getting worried about those old ladies who have no particular those with very capable children are at the mercy of their maids!!

getting older everyday said...

If you are rich you can live anywhere even in Sarikei or russia. You are not tied to the economic needs that local people can provide. You have money in the banks .

LUKE said...

Sarikei is a fusion place between the young and the old and little adult...So is a place of fusion...

Sarikei Town dweller. said...

If it is Retirement it is most of time for quiet small and peaceful place. I prefer no longer the same as buzz and rush of the big city. So when I have money when I am old I choose quieter place surrounded with lots of nice and warm people but also good hospital facilities thrown in.

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