Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scenes - Sarikei fun fair 2011 - Fairly fun

How many of you have not stepped into a fun fair for years? Yours truly gingerly followed the bright lights and noise to the CNY fun fair located at the former soldier's barracks (next to the police station).

Surprisingly the place was sardine packed. The free entry helped but the crowd were there to try their luck at games of chance that had not changed for years. The prizes include canned drinks, fluffy toys and games.

The kids were there for the rides that included a rocking carriage, merry-go-around, bumper cars and a ghost train. Nothing much had changed over the years but for the kids, these were the memories that will stick. Just like your memories of the humble fun fairs of yesteryears. You may not remember your Disneyland ride but you will recall your fun fair ride in Sarikei when you were a kid. Remember that Ferris Wheel ride?

And of course, a fun fair could not be without a stage for entertainment. Hand over the mike, please.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Should give Sarikeians some good fun time!! Cheers!

WinnieT said...

The first 2 pictures sure look like some illegal gambling den. Ha. I remember my rides those days too.

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