Monday, February 28, 2011

Scenes - Sarikei fun fair 2011 - The food stalls

There were many food stalls (gerai) outside the CNY 2011 fun fair. People thronged the stalls for their favourite snacks - chicken wings, satay, kacang putih, Ramli burgers, etc.

(I don't know why these pictures below did not orient vertically after uploading. Any clue?)

Cool drinks was available to quench your thirst - lime, milo, bandung, etc. The cooking fumes lingered around the entrance of the fun fair. Even if you had lost all money and your pants and didn't win any fluffy toy, at least you would smell like you had feasted like a king.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Tasty food sells! And it is always too salty or too sweet!

Anonymous said...

Picture looks great and I am salivating! Regarding the upside down photos I haven't done my blog for a while unless I refresh. Need to access the back of your blogger. Maybe get its own photo gallery to upload. Perhaps get a 3rd party like Photobucket to upload to your site. Cheers!

Dominic said...

you can upload photographs from Picasa. Every time you add photographs to Blogger it automatically adds them to your Picasa site under an album for your blog. Open up Picasa and select the photograph that uploaded incorrectly. On the top right above the picture there is a button to edit the photo - click on it and Picnik opens. Rotate the photo in this web based editing software and when you click save to my album choose to replace. Then go back to Blogger, choose to upload from Picasa, and select the photo from there. It may still look wrong in the thumbnail preview, but once it is placed on the Blogger page it should be correct. Have fun!Cheers!

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