Friday, March 25, 2011

People - Sarikei No.1 again - The man with many hats

I was doing my rounds of photo taking in town when I chanced upon the most patriotic person in Sarikei at the Merdeka food court. He's none other than the self proclaimed Sarikei No.1 from Merudu.

He was dressed gaudily with his trademark hat but this time it looked like he was paying tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He wore a red long-sleeve shirt, a black hat and hair fringes that escaped from the hat onto his furrowed face.

 Sarikei No.1 at Merdeka food court, 2011

He was busy reading newspaper and nursing a plain teh-O (black tea). I asked whether I could sit down with him. 

His high pitch voice was not clear to listen to. He lamented that he's 80 years old now. He said he can speak Mandarin, Hokkien, Foochow, Malay and Iban.

I asked for permission to take his photo. He said there's no need because he's already famous and had appeared in many newspapers. Then he relented and said okay. His eyes seemed to tell a story of loneliness because the town folks shunned him. He was not interested to talk more and buried himself in the newspapers.

 Sarikei No.1 doing his rounds in Sibu. 2008
Source: Tamizi

He normally wears a tag with the text "No. 1, Malaysia. Tun Datuk Patinggi Lau Siew Hung" when he goes around town to campaign for his manifesto.

He is a colourful chap and the most dandily dressed man in town. Hail the No. 1 of Sarikei. Numero uno.

(Type "No. 1" in the top left search box for Part 1 on him) 


melissathegreat said...

When I return Sarikei; I used to see him roaming around the Sarikei town alone, dressed smartly too.

长竹 said...


Sarawakiana@2 said...

His life story is very interesting!! He must have entertained a lot of people too with his unique antics....
Was it social pressure which caused all this imbalance or did he bring it on himself? Real life can be stranger than fiction.

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