Monday, April 04, 2011

News: Sarikei - Tanjung Manis gets into the election limelight

Tanjung Manis may belong to another Division but a redrawing of the divisional boundaries does not change the physical and strategic location of Tanjung Manis relative to Sarikei.

Sibu is further from Tanjung Manis than Sarikei but Sibu had secured ~MYR$435M budget in 2006 under the 9th Malaysian Plan for a mega project (highway and 7 bridges) and construction is expected to be completed in a few months.

This has been a sore point in the minds of the Sarikei people and is expected to be one of the top state election topics for the hot seats of Repok and Meradong.

Sarikei-Tanjung Manis project.
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3 April 2011, Borneo Post

The ruling party issued this announcement:

- MYR$0.5M for a ferry ramp behind the Sarikei hospital to be completed by Nov 2011
- Another ferry ramp at the opposite side of the river at Bukit Huang. Tender will be opened soon. Expected to be of similar cost and is targeted for completion by Dec 2011.
- Next phase of a 15km road connecting Bukit Huang to Tanjung Manis. The budget and detailed time line was not mentioned. 

No bridge was mentioned.The timing of such an announcement is a doubled sided coin. How will voters react to the timing? Only time will tell.


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Sarawakiana@2 said...

Jacob cheated Esau of his birthright?

Anonymous said...

We would like to see a co-ordinated development for the Lower Rejang Basin comprising of all satellite towns including kapit and Sibu . Make sure taxpayers funds are well spent by avoiding over-lapping duplications and inefficiency. Account ability and transparency the essential criteria for any successful public projects.

Anonymous said...

After 3 years of waiting, I think this is nothing but empty promises. They will bring this up again in 2016 Sarawak election. You will see....

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