Sunday, June 19, 2011

Food: Sarikei's new chill out place (Iglool) - Ice, Ice Penguin

The penguin has landed with a wink and
struck a pose with Sarikei's pineapple icon

A cold spell had descended on Sarikei on 28th May 2011. The source has been traced to a penguin that has landed next to the Nyelong River Esplanade, the hot bed where night owls converge to hang out with friends.

Iglool's reception, 2011

Iglool is a new dessert shop near the Mutiara food court. It's opened by the Lim brothers of No.12 Wharf Road. Iglool is a franchise that originated in Kuching which means that you can expect the same dessert quality as the parent joint. Even the icy blue decoration is the same.

You can hang out with friends and connect with virtual friends via wifi on your smart phones, netbooks and tablets. You may want to browse through their lifestyle magazines. You may just want to slurp on their wide range of shaved ice.

What is the difference between this type of shaved ice and the traditional ABC dessert which has flavoured syrup sprinkled over bland ice? The former has the flavour already sealed into the mixture before it was frozen. Different flavours come from different blocks of flavoured ice.

This type of flavoured ice shaving has a long history in Taipei where it's called snow flakes. The ice is finely shaved by an electric shaver. This results in ice shaving that feels smooth on your tongue before your body heat melts it in an instant to give you this saccharin gratification.

The shaved ice comes with different fantasy toppings. You can choose the traditional, the playful, the colourful or the adventurous with a raw egg yolk. Maybe they can also try putting sago grub (larva) in the toppings list as a sensational marketing tactic.

The price ranges from MYR4.80 to MYR5.50. It has a higher price compared to a traditional dessert in a food court but then it has a different value proposition.

Kill time with lifestyle magazines

A Brad Pitt lookalike was last seen browsing through their lifestyle magazines.

Ice, ice penguin.

(All pictures are from Iglool's Facebook page )


melissathegreat said...

GOOD! a new place for me to hang out when I return Sarikei! Yeahhhh =)

nelson said...

if only there is a link to tj manis, sarikei ll prosper.

well, glad to hear tat there are more and more hangout places in the pineapple town.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Good to hear has become quite difficult to find nice places to have desserts etc....and a place which is cool and quiet.....something away from the noise and bustle of "busyness".....and where you can rule out loud talking and a sign to say....."no handphone please"..

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