Monday, June 13, 2011

Scenes: Sarikei Welcome Sign at Meranti Road - Fruits of Labour

Sarikei Jalan Meranti
Location of the welcome sign is marked red.
Source: Google Maps

If you have not driven along Nyelong By Pass Road since December 2010, you will suddenly notice something colorful as you reach the junction of Meranti Road. It's the new welcome sign of Sarikei that was completed on 1st December 2010 by the Sarikei District Council.

Sarikei Jalan Meranti 2010
Find the new Chinese Community Hall (background)
Source: Jaz Ko

It is strategically located at this junction to welcome visitors using the Nyelong River bridge at Meranti Road. Meranti is a tropical lowland rainforest tree.

The designer is Dragon Sim who also designed the pineapple statue in front of Nam Leong department store. The multicultural design focuses on the top 3 races of Sarikei in terms of population. On the left pedestal is a Malay kris and on the right is an Iban shield with intricate motifs. In the middle is a Chinese lantern with the word 旺 (wàng which means prosperity) and mandarin oranges (kam in dialect which signifies the auspicious gold)

Sarikei Jalan Meranti 2010
Find the nipah (attap) palms behind
Source: Desmond Chen

In the central mural is the welcome sign in 3 languages and fruits in a basket in line with the theme of Sarikei as the food basket of Sarawak. Fruits of labour indeed.


DOMINIC HII (許信惠) said...

Love reading your articles. May return to buy a house near there.

Daniel Yiek said...

Thank you. It's comments like this that motivates most, if not all, bloggers, to continue writing,

H.S.Wong said...

Dominic,sarikei house expensive then jb. . U know ,,

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