Saturday, July 30, 2011

Festivals - Sarikei Pineapple Festival 2011 - Miss Pesta Nanas - Costume Play

At Pesta Nanas 2010 in December, there was a Miss Sarikei contest which was more like a conventional pageant. You can leave it to the creative event organisers to change the format this year. The contest was revamped into a pageant with a traditional costume angle.

There were 15 brave contestants who did the cat walk at the Central Market on the second last night (23rd July 2011). All of them obviously went through some cat walk training before the event. Now enjoy the cat walk.

(All photos were contributed by Lu Huong Chin except for the news clips)

And now announcing the winners ....

1st : Nor Baizura Mohd Aman
2nd: Dayang Zhurliali Awang
3rd: Nur Afiqah Hussin
4th: Dalia Binti Rashid
5th: Dayang Suriana Awang Cheek

United Daily News

See Hua Daily News


Sarawakiana@2 said...

The sarong kebaya is always so elegant and charming....Very memorable photos...and to the contestants...bravo!!

sarikeikia said...

Sarong Kebaya were Southern India / Javanese influence. During my father's childhood days the native girls were mostly topless, I remember the artist Lee Man Fong painted Sarawak's native girls as such though he is mostly popular with painting done in Indonesia.

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