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Scenes: Sarikei Standard Chartered Bank - Disney magic

SCB Disney mascots at Sarikei Rejang terminal 1, 1983
Source: Michael Yeo (the small kid then)

Can you bank on banks motivating children to save for a raining day? You bet. 

Kwong Lee Bank was the first bank in Sarikei. In 1937 it was not a full service "bank" at No. 5 Wharf Road in the same premise at Kwong Hup Hin 廣合興. Later it moved to No. 22 Wharf Road in 1953 to officially function as a bank. In the 1970s, for new savings accounts, Kwong Lee Bank gave out bronze piggy banks based on animals like cockerels, rabbits and elephants. Can you recall how proud you were when the banker counted your coins patiently from your kitty?

SCB Disney mascots at Sarikei Rejang terminal 1, 1983
Left is Chen Ko Peng, brother of Chen Ko Ming
Source: Michael Yeo

The Chartered Bank operated at No. 44 Repok Road (Block 5R) in the early 1950s (wooden block before the cement block was built?). It moved to the art deco building of Repok Road Block 6R in 1955. It was renamed Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) in 1969 after a merger with Standard Bank. In 1972, it changed its location to the Hung Kiew Kee (Ah Kow's restaurant) block at Berjaya Road. It no longer operates in Sarikei but it still has 4 branches in Sarawak.

 SCB Disney mascots at Sarikei Rejang terminal 1, 1983
Source: Michael Yeo

Chen Ko Ping (left in the photo), the younger brother of Chen Ko Ming, was a policeman before joining SCB. You may recall him counting notes behind bars at SCB. His daughter, Chen Soo Chien, was one of the favourite senior teachers of Form 4 and 5 at St. Anthony's School. She is now teaching in Kuching.

 SCB Disney mascots at Sarikei Rejang terminal 1, 1983
Find Concorde express boat
Source: SL Chen

Can you recall that SCB brought in Disney characters to Sarikei in 1983? Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck arrived by express boat. Now that's magic to the kids.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes...magical!! Other banks also started to design cartoon like saving banks e.g. Hock Hua Bank...

阿炳 said...

It was definitely not during wooden block days, not that early. Actually before Chartered Bank started at No 44 Repok Rd the shop was occupied by Hock Hua Bank agency started by the son-in-law of a prominent Foochow that later shifter to the upstair of his father-in-law shop at No 7 Repok Rd but defunct, that is why there wasn't a Hock Hua Bank in the 1960s onward in Sarikei.

Daniel Yiek said...

Thanks for filling the hole of info on 44 Repok Road (updated in that post)

Wong Ngiong Hua 王仰华 is the prominent Foochow as mentioned by reader 45rpm before.

Daniel Yiek said...

Working on the post on History of Repok Block 5L - hope to be able to finish before I go on leave.

Think gong pia, barber, icecream agency, pau maker, kam pua, tyre shop/baber, bakery, bookstore, etc.

Interesting block.

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