Wednesday, December 21, 2011

News: Pandaw Borneo cruise to end in March 2012 - Last call

When Pandaw started its trail blazing cruise on the Rejang River on 1st July 2009, it made it easy for tourists to connect the ecotourism dots on this majestic river. It was with much anticipation because if Pandaw can do it for the luxury segment, the ripple effect can motivate the smaller players targeting a different market segment.

Pandaw cruise: Nov'11 newsletter
Source: Pandaw

The November 2011 newsletter from Pandaw lamented: "The logistical and operational difficulties of working in so tough an environment have made the project commercially unsuccessful." In other words, it's not profitable for the company. The last cruise will be in March 2012 with limited seats left.

Maybe the Sarawak Tourism Board can help turn this around.

Pandaw cruise: Introduction to Sarikei
Source: Pandaw

Pandaw cruise: Cruise choices 8N, 5N or 3N
Source: Pandaw

Pandaw offered more choices in the Borneo cruise in Jan 2011. You can pick the full 8 nights or choose from 5 nights upstream to Kapit or 3 nights downstream to the Rejang delta. The shorter cruises allow tourists to add in Kuching and Mulu side trips.

Sarikei Rejang River waterfront, Bank Road. 2010
Source: Tourist Vicky Khoo

We thank Pandaw for bringing the cruise to the Rejang.
Don't cry for me Sarawak. It was just not meant to be .... maybe next time will be better.

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