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History: Rajang Teachers' College - Teaching you a lesson

Rajang Teachers' College, 2000s

Most of you can remember Rajang Teachers' College (RTC) as the first place in 6th Division to have a real swimming pool, i.e. not the silty Nyelong or Rejang River. How did RTC come about?

Rajang Teachers' College, 2011
Source: Amy Wong

Rajang Teachers' College was founded in 1966 by a joint venture between the Government of Malaysia and the Government of New Zealand with a site area of ​​32.3 hectares on the route between Sarikei and Julau.  

 Rajang Teachers' College, c1967

The construction cost of RM1.5 million was funded jointly under the Colombo Plan. RTC was officially launched on 31 October 1967 by Tun Abang Haji Openg bin Sapiee, the Sarawak Governor then and ex-student of St Anthony's School. RTC is now known as Institut Pendidikan Guru (IPG) Kampus Rajang.

 Tun Abang Haji Openg

  Rajang Teachers' College, c1967

RTC had been under the wings of 13 principals with 3 of them from New Zealand.

KJ Hayr from New Zealand,
First principal,
Rajang Teachers' College.

List of principals,
Rajang Teachers' College.

Rajang Teachers' College is one of the successful projects of 6th Division. She has churned out countless teachers that had taught several generations of students across Sarawak. Some teachers had taught in boarding schools in the rural communities of the upper reaches of the Rejang River and its tributaries. You should be able to see their booth at Pesta Nanas again this year.

Talk about teaching us a lesson.

Rajang Teachers' College website 


Daniel Yiek said...

If anyone has better info of the history of the college other the brief info listed on their website, please comment. eg year of buildings added, what courses were added in what year, etc.

Will post new pictures of RTC soon.

nelson said...

i hope that the gov will upgrade rajang teacher's training college. it is the only college in sarikei and having a college can improve the surrounding areas economically of which i dun see in meradong.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

A good history lesson from you!!TQ.It would be good to know how many Sarikei born lecturers are serving there many are from West Malaysia and elsewhere?

Thristhan said...

Wow, you've got photos way back then? Cool.

Kimura said...

wow great history and images that you have. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool from Sibuian passing by or surfing by.

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