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Scenes - Kuching to Sarikei Sea Trip - Rode no waves

Road trip or sea trip? That is the question when you plan to travel from Kuching to Sarikei and vice versa. If you don't need your car in Sarikei or Kuching and it's the non-monsoon season, then it makes sense to pay MYR40 for the convenience and shorter trip home (3.5 hours compared to 5-6.5 hours by road).

Advertisement in the Borneo Post. 
Correct as of March 2014.
WARNING: Always check for updated times.

There's only one company plying the Kuching-Tanjung Manis-Sarikei-Sibu route now with 2 boats, Bahagia No.1 and No.8. Sea Jet has moved its operations to Langkawi.

Wharf at Jalan Perlabuhan, Pending. 2012.

Waiting area and cafe at Jalan Perlabuhan wharf, Pending. 2012.

The "new" wharf has been completed for a while now. It's next to a bridge under construction to connect to the new Kuching convention center. You must allow time for peak morning traffic to reach this Pending wharf 15 mins before 8.30am. Warning - check local newspaper for updated times. Register with your identity card at the counter and if you are early, enjoy a cup of local kopi and local pastries at the small cafe.

 Express boat docked at the wharf. 2012.

 Bridge under construction. 2012.

Buy your ticket on board. It's free seating on the lower and smaller upper deck. Some people love the free breeze on the open deck. Smokers have no choice but to smoke outside. A fighting cock crowed every now and then and was traced to the first class department (which was locked and not open for business).

Luggage department on the open deck. 2012.

A huge canvas was used to protect the luggage on the open deck from any big waves or rain. No luggage receipts will be issued so you need to monitor your luggage at every stop to ensure that no over enthusiastic passenger make off with your fake LV luggage.

Free seating. Life jackets at the top. 2012.

The seats were comfortable. Trash bins were located under the seats. Life jackets were located at the top of each side. Snacks and drinks were sold at reasonable prices on board. The air con was freezing cold at times (bring your jacket) because they didn't need to save on electricity generated by the running motors. A toilet was available for those with weak bladders.

Rejang village jetty. 2012

After half an hour, you will exit the Sarawak River into the South China Sea and enter the Rejang River at 2 hours 15mins after departure. The Tanjung Manis wharf has collapsed so passengers have to disembark at the Rejang village jetty (2.5 hours after departure at around 11am).

Sarikei terminal 2. 2012

The journey from Tanjung Manis to Sarikei will pass by several timber processing plants which tourists are interested to view after reading about the jungles of Borneo. You can reach Sarikei within 3 hours and 15 minutes to 3.5 hours (ie. around 12 noon)- just in time for kam pua noodle lunch. That is if you remember to get off at Sarikei's Terminal 2 - which may not look as familiar to you as Terminal 1. 

There will be no announcement made at each stop so don't get too comfortable in your own first class or else you reach Sibu at 1.30pm.


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