Monday, December 31, 2012

History - Sarikei 2012 in Review - Top 10 Countdown

Another year and another countdown. Though this blog has not been updated as regularly as before due to my work, the administrators of the Sarikeians facebook group have done a great job to bring you home everyday. Without further ado and in no particular order, ....

#10 Parking coupon system postponed - until further notice
Not enough parking? Well, the council had implemented more parking bays in downtown at the new shop lots (eg Jalan Masjid Lama) and along Wharf Road. Who wants to pay for parking?

More parking lots at Wharf Road. 2012 January.
Source: Sarikeians

#9 The General Election didn't materialise - and it will in 2013.
The non-event of the year created much news in the run up to the mandatory election in 2013.  Sarawak and Sabah are key for the parliamentary election because they can impact the government's slim 2/3 majority in parliament. Sarawak alone accounts for 31 of the 222 seats in parliament.

#8 Melodi Cinta Sarikei - Missing the love of Sarikeians
The telemovie had minor parts filmed in Sarikei and was shown on 15 September 2012 at 12 noon on cable and via on line streaming. However if you are not a follower of TVi, it's unlikely that you will be updated enough to catch the show. Most Sarikeians missed the show. It was repeated once and questions asking for new show times was not answered by the TVi facebook page. TVi (Channel 180 Astro) is a digital TV station owned by RTM (Radio TV Malaysia).

Melodi Cinta Sarikei. 2012.
Source: RTM

#7 Rejang River over flowed - leaving downtown salty
Sarikei was a town built by the pepper industry and every year we get a sprinkle of salt too. Denizens of Sarikei watched helplessly as rising waters flooded down town from 14-16 November. The high tide reached as far as Central Road and the traffic light junction of Repok Road. 

Flooding at Bank Road, 14-16 Nov 2012
Source: Sarikeians

#6 Raise the express boat - Dramatic lift
An express boat that used to ply the Sarikei-Daro route sank overnight at Rejang Wharf Terminal 1. Like a scene out of a movie, the drama of the crane from a barge hoisting it out of the murky waters attracted spectators oblivious to the danger of standing on the pontoon. The owner lamented that the damages was MYR100,000.

Surfacing the express boat. 8 May 2012.
Source: Sarikeians

#5 Rejang Esplanade stalls removed - and fruits took over
The chapter was closed for the issue of the Rejang Esplanade stalls outside Terminal 1.  The controversy centred on whether proper approval was granted. A bumper fruit season saw hawkers selling their harvest on the site after the removal of the stalls. Hopefully this will resolve the traffic jam between Rejang and Merdeka hawker centres resulting from hawkers selling fruits from their cars' boots.

Showcase of a bumper fruit season. Nov 2012
Source: Sarikeians

#4 Combined Xmas carolling - Holy night, not a silent night
Three thousand Christians from different denominations combined in this annual affair on 15 Dec 2012. Methodist Church was the host this year. Bintangor also held its own colourful parade.

Combined Xmas carolling. 15 Dec 2012.
Source: Rockston

The party everyone's waiting for. The mega festival included a novel power boat race on the Nyelong River. There was also a Gangnam style dance organised by Igool dessert shop. Oppa Sarikei style!

Sarikei Pesta Nanas. Central Road. 28 Aug-2 Sep 2012.
Source: Sarikeians

#2 Sarikei new township - We are under construction
The old government quarters had been demolished and piling had started. This ambitious project has courted excitement and controversy from both sides of the house. The issue in question: more shop lots in the name of progress versus greenery conservation.

Sarikei new township. Jalan Lada. Nov 2012
Source: Sarikeians

#1 Sarikei Central Market - The hustle and bustle
The Nyelong weekend market moved to Central Market on 26 May 2012, followed by the tamu (market) on 1 Aug 2012. It was a welcome move to a larger consolidated area but parking woes soon reared its ugly head with sellers and byers hunting for a nearby lot.

Sarikei Central Market. Oct 2012
Source: Sarikeians


2013 will be an interesting year with the General Election, Pesta Nanas, the construction of the new township, ... are you ready?


tauhhid said...

bravo! this countdown is great!

Libang Libu said...

time a-changin'.
sarikei will be different when i visit her in the near future.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Well done...I did not do one for Miri because I am still a Sibu blogger...hehehehehe Happy New Year.

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