Saturday, January 26, 2013

People: Sarikei No.1 robbed - His crown remains

Collage of "Sarikei No.1". Click to enlarge.
A comic-like collage done 
with a free Intel app on Windows 8 store.

The man with many hats appeared in the news again but for the wrong reason. He was robbed and injured by a youth at night in down town Sarikei. The mugger beat him up with a stick and ran off with MYR2 after he declared that he had no money on him.

 Sarikei No.1 robbed and injured
Borneo Post 25 Jan 2013

The frail gentleman made a police report the next day. His head had bad bruises. He is already in his early 80s and has toned down his flamboyance significantly. His popularity crown remains in Sarikei judging from the outrage shown by the denizens of 6th Division on the Sarikeians facebook page. There was a comment that suggested using the CCTV of a nearby bank to trace the culprit.

Get well soon, Sarikei No.1. You can leave your hat on. 


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Mental health patients often end up abused. They thus become "over abused" people of our society. Years ago in Miri we had one lady called Sawai. She was raped many times over, got pregnant even...she liked to bathe by a standpipe or small stream. She wore only a sarong every day.
You can't say, she asked for it....Pity people are still not that civilized.

rollct said...

Leave the guy alone I say. He's not a nuisance and he doesn't harm anyone! The police should be more firm on handling such bully and gangs. These youngsters need to be taught a lesson in life!

Anonymous said...

I guess this case is under the rug now, since no new news from the case has been heard?

Anonymous said...

Anyone every got arrested for that? HOw is No 1 nowadays?

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