Monday, January 14, 2013

Scenes - A day in Sarikei - Senses and Sensibility

Sarikei senses.

Where do you bring tourists for a day of layover in Sarikei?

1. Morning - Visit Central Market or its weekend market to browse local produce from the tropical jungle, some of which they may have never seen before like sago grubs and midin. Then head over to Aik Seng (Wharf Road) for its famous roti kahwin grilled over charcoal.

2. Savour local fruits that are unique to Borneo. Did someone say wild durians like buah isu and buah ikat?

3. Trek to the Enemy's Head Waterfalls (Wong Pala Munsoh) at Bayong. There's a certified home stay at Rumah Nyuka, an Iban longhouse, if needed. On the way back, stop at Jakar (7th mile) for its sumptuous udang galah big prawn noodles at Peking kopitiam. For something creative, you can also try the big prawn noodles cooked in fresh coconut juice and served in a coconut at Glory kopitiam (Bank Road).

4. Chill out with an ice cold calamansi (local lime) drink while the sun set over the Rejang River towards South China Sea to reveal a stunning kaleidoscope of colours. For dinner, opt for a Cantonese meal at Hung Kiew Kee restaurant with its signature gold coin pork skewers.

You can offer a sensible local experience to stimulate the senses. Who needs a shopping mall?

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