Saturday, May 18, 2013

Scenes - Sarikei Skim B - Let's get moooving

On the Sarikei to Bintangor route from Meranti Bridge, if you venture off the beaten path onto a branch road called Skim B (Scheme B), you will be in for a surprise. After the usual country homes and rural school have drifted past you on this easy drive on tarred road, rolling pastures will greet your retina.

Welcome to  a real cattle farm called Borneo Sapi Enterprise.

Skim B Farm, 2013.

If you arrive at the opportune time when the cows are herded out of their pens onto the path leading to the pastures, it will be quite a sight with the ranchers yelling instructions to the herd. The cows will seem to understand that it means, "Let's get moooving!" You better get out of the way of the minor stampede.

Skim B Farm, 2012.
Source: Jong Fung

These cattle are raised as livestock for their meat and are very popular during the Hari Raya qurban (korban) It will be a serene sight for you to watch these bovine creatures graze. Just watch out for the cow dung though.


Dominic said...

Glad to see Daniel back in this Marvellous Sarikean Blog Journal!

Daniel Yiek said...

Dominic, thanks for the kind words.

Charlie秉勋 said...

Sorry, my cow farm sells only meets for Korban, not milks. :/

Daniel Yiek said...

updated. Thanks

Tuan lokong said...

I have been passing by this Farm all the time when I decided short cut from Bintulu to Sarikei or versa. Do not have a chance to visit this farm. Anybody have idea how we could visit this place. Oh yes the best idea is stop by a buy a cattle. sure we could snoop around haha....

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