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My role as an ex-St. Anthony's School magazine chairman honed my passion for blogging. My first trip out of Sarawak was for my tertiary studies in Sydney. I currently fill my rice bowl in Singapore. Travelling gives me a high.

If you googled your life and Sarikei popped up then you have a common thread here. Well researched features include rare old pictures, views, scenes, heritage, history, festivals, food, people, news and opinions. There are about 100-150 readers a day. My inspiration came from the perspiration while looking for Sarikei web information.

Can a dedicated Sarikei blog last? It depends on you, the readers. My requests: 1) Email me ( pictures and content to keep this blog lively and nostalgic. 2) Tell your Sarikei buddies. 3) Leave comments - don't just reminisce, smile and rush off to eat your kampua or buy 4D! The eventual goal is to rewrite these posts and add new content into a book for charity to raise funds for Sarikei.

Note: Please do not copy photos from this blog and do not post photos from here on social media (eg. facebook) where people will not know that photos are copyrighted. You will deprive Sarikei from having unique content for the upcoming charity book.

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